THE Young Gallery in Salisbury has launched its Terrain and Conflict exhibitions.

The exhibitions, which started on November 16, is expected to resonate among Salisbury and UK residents.

Young Gallery Curator Peter Riley said: “The repercussions of conflict are the collective focus of the two exhibitions. Each of them is complemented by a selection of further images – by British artists - from WW1 and WW2."

Featuring in the exhibitions is Stateless by Arabella Dorman, which runs until December 29. Arabella’s conflict art is drawn from first-hand experience of working alongside British armed forces in Iraq (2006), Afghanistan (2009 – 2014) and, more recently, with refugees in Lesbos, Calais and Dunkirk (2015 - 2016).

Peter said: “We are so pleased to show Arabella’s very important and compelling work, Stateless, here in Salisbury. It could not be more timely, to raise global awareness about the plight of refugees.

“Her previous exhibition, Before the dawn - at La Galleria, London - raised more than £30,000 for charities. We, too, hope to raise financial support for refugees.”

Complimenting Dorman’s work is WW1 and WW2 – by British artists. Portraits and images of war produced by war artists provide an insight into the elements of conflict – the machines employed, and the people engaged, in warfare.

Plus the effects on landscape and the subsequent fallout endured by civilians, domestic animals and wildlife – and the poverty, homelessness and social deprivation and dislocation suffered.

Also featuring is Armistice 1918, which is made up of images capturing the feeling of emancipation, relief and utter joy when news of the end of the First World War came through.

16 Wiltshire artists – a selection of contemporary works by Young Gallery members are also on view.

The gallery is located inside Salisbury Library.

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