I think the letter in last weeks Journal (Postbag, Nov15) by Brown Hovelt of Wilton needs to be addressed item by item.

Question 1: EU MEPs pensions should be just confirmed everyone knows all people get pensions after paid work.

2. Annually Finance in our country from Government to Local Councils, are openly brought to the public attention by the press, news and TV at length and openly discussed.

I have yet to see this happen on the EU's Audit in over 40 years.

At present, the EU is strapped for much-needed funds to feed new programmes.

Funds they now will not get from us.

3. MPS JOBS No adverse comment.

4: The move from Brussels to Strasbourg came about as a long afterthought.

It was and is seen that both these offices are still open.

So strictly it was not just a move but an extension to house the gathering hoards of pen pushers taken on by the EU to fill the lorry loads of mail that our Governments Civil Service has to read on the ever-increasing regulations that blight our lives and our manufacturer's business dealings.

Add that to the costs.

5 and 6: In order that our country can do business with other countries abroad outside of the EU, we are deemed under terms of the EU to pay for that service, providing we share somewhat with the EU.

7: I can hardly remember ever taking part in a Referendum to join in 'lasting Union' in1975 but then again neither did I vote on the Common Market.

Almost all the people I know did not vote either.

There just was not that interest.

We were pushed into the Union rather than voted for it.

Tony Blair, when questioned on TV about new regulations, claimed it was nothing to worry about and it did not really affect us.

We now know that was a lie.

The one thing the 'Remainers' claim is that even Winston Churchill, when told that France and Germany had talked about creating a Union of all states in Europe was pleased.


His finishing line was that he did indeed show he was pleased for Europe to follow this route but added: "I thank God that he put water that surrounds us to keep us well clear of such a thing".

The wording by this man you can almost hear him speaking them.

There are many untruths that have been told and comments made over the last two years but when it came to negotiations, not one member of our team had the skills to see how to use them.

Just one man, Barnier, representing the EU, all he had to do was refuse all comments and to offer not the slightest guidance.

He led us by the nose.

Our reply was to offer him free deals.

Lesson? All MP's to be appointed to senior posts to take a course on how to deliver and use negotiation skills.

Many 'Remainers' claims they wanted to stay in as there had been peace in Europe over the last forty years.

Yugoslavia is now lost, as it was taken into war, while the whole of the EU took no notice.

The USA and our country together saved the day.

Some use the EU were.

And now they talk about an EU Force that they have the nerve to ask us to lead.

The words of Winston are now what he clearly saw in our future.

God help us.

John Wigglesworth