JOHN Glen has at last stated his position on the PM’s proposed deal in a letter to my son “ I will therefore be supporting the government’s position to ensure that Brexit is delivered.” Yes he is voting on behalf of the constituents of Salisbury when May puts her disastrous deal before Parliament in the first week of December.

When he refers to “government “ he is not speaking for Salisbury and the Conservative MPs or the House in general who are overwhelmingly against the deal put on the table by May. This is her deal not a deal representing her party.

I note that John Glen is now a minister in the treasury which of course had no influence on his decision to support the deal or his paymaster. I think not, career politicians like JG are influenced by how voting will hinder or enhance their progress and not putting their constituents first.

I can confirm to JG that he has lost the support of our family and friends who will not be voting for him in future. What difference will this make? For the electorate and in our case the removing of some 20 odd votes will at least speak for us and hopefully his removal from office at the next general election.

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Self serving MP’s need to be made accountable and perhaps when Corbyn sits in number 10 JG and his cohorts will regret their actions.

Finally I would impress on JG he is there to serve the people of Salisbury and in this case a city who voted to leave and with his judgement being so poor on this matter he must go along with Mrs May.

Stephen Henry