UNSURPRISINGLY, my inbox continues to be bitterly (and evenly) divided on the big political issue of the day.

However, getting back to Salisbury at the end of each week is a welcome reminder that there are still many issues on which almost all constituents agree.

Taking advice surgeries and walking around meeting people reminds me that the individual pleas for help that I receive still outweigh every other issue put together.

Whatever else people want from their MP, we all share a common interest in having strong and well run local institutions and the ability to access support when we need it and, however busy life in Westminster gets, that will always be my priority as a constituency MP.

On Friday, I am looking forward to catching up with the leadership of Salisbury District Hospital and to accepting kind invitations from a new retail business in Fisherton Street and from Sarum Academy.

I am continuing my conversations around Salisbury’s future cultural provision with interested stakeholders and I am making time to be interviewed by some local students.

Salisbury has always had a lively and engaged group of Christian Aid supporters and I am always pleased to hear from deputations on CA’s major lobbying concerns.

Their current campaign is a particularly important and timely one - climate change.

Although The UK is a world leader on tackling climate change – well on target to meet all of our international obligations and in the vanguard of trying to build global consensus, there is always more to be done.

Finally, there is no escaping Brexit altogether!

I will be hosting what is sure to be an extremely lively evening debate with around 70 local people.

I look forward to a frank exchange of views!

Saturday is Small Business Saturday and I will be dropping in on several local firms to hear about the issues dear to their hearts.

I will also be out and about in Harnham. If you see me, feel free to come over and say hello.