Coach chaos

LAST Friday driving down Exeter Street there was traffic chaos caused by five coaches parking to drop off or pick up passengers.

There is an accident waiting to happen in Exeter Street as many of the coaches have the doors on the right side.

Therefore passengers have to step off in front of oncoming traffic.

I had to suddenly brake hard as one of these started to walk out in front of me. Fortunately there was a sensible driver behind me who also had time to brake, so avoiding hitting my car.

All these people no doubt will visit the cathedral via the Exeter Street gate. In doing so they do not even [go into] town.

Our short-sighted council was to stop the coaches parking in Exeter Street and make them park in the coach station.

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By doing so all the visitors would have to take the short walk to the cathedral via the city centre.

This would be an advantage to local businesses and boost their trade.

Perhaps some of these people may also like to see our shops, eat in a local cafe or pub and see some of the other things Salisbury has to offer.

Peter Bryant