AFTER reading the letter from Richard Tambling (Journal Postbag, November 29), I was prompted to forward this photograph to you. This incident happened on Saturday, November 17 at lunchtime in Milford Mill Road. It caused considerable chaos for over an hour and three police units attended.

My point is, much is made of Milford Mill Road and much has been written by your journalists and members of the public when the road has been closed for gasworks or the traffic lights being fitted or the flooding or whatever. It is an unlit, unmarked, narrow country road with a 7.5 tonne weight limit on it with a grade one listed medieval bridge at one end and a sharp bend into a railway bridge at the other. It was not intended for the volume of traffic that it now takes which is a result of the new park and ride junction.

Wiltshire County Council promised to mitigate any increase in traffic due to the new junction but this has not materialised. Taxpayers did not pay for the traffic lights at the bridge, the developers of the McDonald/Premier Inn site did and the idea was to create a safer bend and discourage huge volumes of traffic, especially of the type below. Until the traffic on the A36 Southampton Road is addressed I fear things will not change.

Mrs Julia Eastaugh