A “MASS brawl” at Salisbury’s ice rink has caused divided opinion about who was to blame.

Staff at the rink in Guildhall Square, which opened on Thursday, reported earlier this week that a group of teenagers had been causing trouble at the event, with two being banned as a result.

But now parents and witnesses have said the issue was made worse by security staff at the rink using “excessive force”, leaving several teenagers injured and in tears after the incident.

A video taken during the disorder on Saturday night shows a group of four security staff restraining the boy, in his early teens, as others look on.

Jenny Robson, whose daughter witnessed the event, said: “A boy that had been banned tried to get back on the ice, that part was true, but instead of the security guards asking him to leave, two of them went up behind him, grabbed him and pushed him on the floor.”

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And Dawn Merrifield claimed her daughter was “dragged to the floor by her hair” and “hit in the face” while trying to defend her friends, left with swelling and a small black eye.

Writing on Facebook, Niomi Giles Taylor added: “I was there with my family that night.

“The security men used far too much force.

“However, lots of the teenagers involved didn’t help matters by shouting and swearing, even when the police arrived.”

And Cassa Mai Lewis admitted that the teens “reacted” to what was going on, but added: “It’s not fair that everyone is blaming it on us kids.”

The events management company running the rink was contacted for a comment, and Salisbury City Council said it was investigating the incident.

Staff at the rink have now lowered the number of people allowed on the ice at any one time from 75 to 50.

Sergeant Alan Cromwell, from Wiltshire south community policing team, said: “We are investigating an incident of disorder at the ice rink outside the Guildhall in Salisbury, which happened at around 6pm on Saturday.

“We want to reassure the public that we will be carrying out extra patrols around that part of the city to crackdown on antisocial behaviour.

“The ice rink is a community facility for families to enjoy in the build up to Christmas, and we will not tolerate anyone who tries to spoil that fun.”