MAKING the high street a safer place for shoppers will be explored by Fordingbridge Town Council in the new year.

The matter was raised during a meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council on Wednesday in the town hall after it received a letter raising concerns.

The mayor of Fordingbridge, Paul Anstey said: “In the new year we as a council must look at this high street and the danger of our high street, the increasing amount of traffic.”

He called for a “ drive” to ensure the “high street is a safer place for people to shop”.

Cllr Anstey added: “That is a significant body of work that we can’t raise tonight but I wish to highlight that there is general concern not just from council but from the public that the high street is going to cause a death and with increasing numbers of houses and people in order to make the high street a viable proposition our high street has to be made safer.”

He said it was a matter the council would look at in more detail in the new year.

Previously, residents as well as town councillors have raised concerns over motorists parking on double yellow lines and obstructing junctions and roads through the town, including Provost Street, Salisbury Street and Highbank Gardens.

During a meeting in September one concerned resident said: “We need people to observe the rules and restrictions. Unless they are enforced the problem is just going to increase.”

He warned that “one day there will be an accident” and people need to park cars where it is “safe to do so”.

And Deputy mayor, Edward Hale said parking had got “far worse” in Salisbury Street and cars seemed to be parked there all day at the weekend.

These concerns over problem parking were passed on to New Forest District Council’s enforcement team.