Writing in the Salisbury Journal, Martin Field depicts the Carol Service as a “perfect evening to get us in the mood for Christmas.”

Despite the low attendance of regular services in the Church of England, Britons seem to be flocking to the special services.

And there is nothing quite so special as the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

But England isn’t the only place where a “good old carol service” is to be found.

Perhaps the Rev. Henry Martyn Hart (1838-1920) had that in mind when he left his home in Blackheath, England, to assume his role as the first Dean of St. John’s Cathedral in Denver.

Nearly a century after his death, the carol services are usually overflowing with people sitting on radiators or standing.

And the five Christmas Eve services are no less popular.

Little children, dressed in their Christmas finery, add to the enjoyment of the evening.

For all, it is truly a night to remember.

Brian Stuckey

Denver, Co.