Mr Glen,

Its come to my notice that after all the emails that you have had, including a few from me, that us minions voted 'Leave' in Salisbury on the Brexit referendum, as you well know, and yet IJohn see that you are going to vote against the will of the people?

Is this what democracy is? We vote one way and you do what you think really?

So our voting counts for nothing then.

All I can see is you are looking after number one, and it doesn't matter what us serfs voted for does it.

Your keeping your seat warm in the treasury with Mr Hammond, another remainer.

I demand as our MP for Salisbury you carry out the will of the people and vote this dreadful peace of fiction down.

Don't worry about us, you make sure you look after yourself.

I will tell you now the Tory Party will be finished, because we the public who voted for you will not forgive or forget what you have done.

Remember what David Cameron said on the wasted £ leaflet that was put through our doors?

I suggest you read it and refresh your memory .

D.P. Davies