A TISBURY writer tells the story of Freddie Fabulous in her new children’s book.

Vivian Oldaker has released Freddie Fabulous – The Best Dog in the World.

Freddie Fabulous loves his life with his adored Master, but when his master disappears he is left alone and friendless. The clever canine then sets out on a journey to find him, which is far from easy.

As Vivian explains: “The story is told by Freddie Fabulous himself. He believes he is the best dog in the world - because his master told him so. But one day his master disappears and Freddie sets out to find him. Along the way he meets a number of different animals and people - some are kind and helpful, others are less kindly disposed.”

The idea for the book was sparked while Vivian was out on a walk.

“I was on a walk one day. It was hot and I was tired and I got to thinking about what would it be like to have a really long way to travel? What if you didn’t even know which road to take?,” explains Vivian.

“And then the character of Freddie Fabulous - a dog who is exceptionally clever but also full of self-importance came to me. I’ve always liked dogs, especially big ones. so I guess that was a part of what gave me the idea for Freddie.”

Vivian has written a number of plays and books including a novel for teenagers, The Killer’s Daughter and a self-published book called Freaks, Geeks and Weirdos.

She adds: “I never know what I’m going to be inspired to write next, but I really enjoyed creating this book and may well write more books for a younger audience.”

Freddie Fabulous – The Best Dog in the World is suitable for ages eight to 12 and is available to buy on Amazon.