AN AWARD winning musical is coming to Salisbury to throw glitter and comedy at depression.

Backed by NHS, Mind and Mental Health Foundation, writing company Silent Uproar will be bringing A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) to Salisbury in March.

The show filled with humour, comedy and cabaret teaches the audience how it is okay to not feel okay. A year of research brought the show to life, as the team interviewed 50 people in the mental health industry, including people living with depression, psychiatrists, the NHS and psychologists.

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Dan Roper, chairman of NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “The arts can be an incredibly powerful way to understand what mental illness is, how it can affect people and, most importantly, that it can affect anyone.”

Alex Mitchell, Artistic Director of Silent Uproar, added: “We wanted to create something that challenged the notion that depression is just being a bit sad. We wanted to create a fun show for people who are living with it, but also for their mate that doesn’t really believe that depression is a thing.”

The musical will be at Salisbury Playhouse Salberg from March 21 - 23.