I HAVE just read your article about the Celebrate Salisbury Campaign which caught my attention.

I would like to join this campaign because I really think Salisbury is a beautiful place to live in.

My experience dates back to the late 1960s when I landed by pure chance in that wonderful city. I was appointed as French assistant in Bishop Wordsworth's school for a full academic year and that was the beginning of my love story with Salisbury. I started making friends with whom I am still in touch 50 years later; they showed me round the city and introduced me to the local vibrant pub culture, among other things. I gradually discovered the charm of a provincial city strolling around its streets and parks.

I remember my first glimpse of the cathedral spire when I walked out of the railway station and I never got tired of admiring this masterpiece of Early English architecture surrounded by its wonderful close. Salisbury has always held a very special place in my heart and I have always loved revisiting it.

Several times I returned with my family and it has always been the same feeling of calmness and well-being for all of us. Last August, we came back with my wife to visit our old friends and we particularly enjoyed walking from Queen Elizabeth Gardens to Harnham in the sunshine, rediscovering the splendid views of the cathedral all along the way. And it gave us the opportunity of a reunion with my friends of 50 years ago in a local pub. Honestly, Salisbury is more than ever a nice place to live in!


Professional translator

La Talaudière, France