THROUGH your paper I would like to pass on my thanks to the driver of the new VW Golf who, on the night of Thursday, December 27, expressed his concern for my safety when I was cycling along the dual carriageway into Salisbury, by B&Q.

I couldn't quite catch all his words but the last two were 'cycle path'. I am sure the preceding words were equally informative. I apologise if I held you up for a few seconds whilst the car in front of you drove very carefully passing me, which was appreciated - there was plenty of room to pass at a reasonable speed.

Perhaps I could also offer you, the driver of the Golf (that had the new flashy LED lights - nice), some words of concern. When you drive so close to the car in front of you with one hand on the wheel, the other on the passenger seat and take your eyes off the road whilst looking at me shouting your words of wisdom, you might like to consider who was the most inconsiderate. Please let me know any legal reason why I am not allowed to cycle in a considerate way along the road. Oh and by the way, I know you hadn't travelled very far because you hadn't bothered to clean the dew moisture off your car windows which would also have obscured your vision. Oh, and a further by the way, when the road is busy I do use the obstacle course otherwise known as a cycle path.

Peace and goodwill

R Barclay