I REFER to an article on Jessica Samson (Salisbury Journal, January 3)who is complaining about the ‘poor service’ from the NHS regarding her wait for laser hair removal treatment.

I think that most people would agree that the NHS do the best they can with very limited resources. Every service they provide must be prioritised according to the seriousness of the illness that a person is suffering.

I recognise that people are entitled to identify themselves with any gender they like or indeed to have no gender at all. This is a personal choice based upon how they feel about themselves. I guess that people who wish to do this would feel quite hurt if someone referred to their choice as being an ‘illness’.

My understanding is that the NHS was created in order to treat people who are ill, so I wonder why Jessica is seeking treatment from the NHS for what seems to be a cosmetic procedure based on a personal choice, as opposed to it being treatment for an illness.

The treatment list for life-threatening illnesses is growing all the time and based on recent information that comes from the media some people have died whilst awaiting cancer treatment due to a lack of resources.

To me it is perfectly acceptable for Jessica to have to wait or find alternatives. If she is not satisfied with the service from the NHS perhaps, she could try crowd funding or fundraising events and go for treatment from a private provider.

The Journal is a great newspaper, however, I could not help but notice that this article appeared to take priority over other articles that were published featuring the MRI Scanner appeal or the Wessex Way walk for cancer support and it left me wondering why.

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