AMESBURY ambulance station may never reopen after being closed for nerve agent decontamination last year.

The site, in Solstice Park, was handed back to South Western Ambulance service in June, after extensive cleaning and testing for Novichok.

It was initially shut down in March, after the initial attack.

But the station has not yet reopened, as significant work is needed to bring it back into operation, and now the ambulance service has said the decision will come under review.

A spokesman said: "As with Salisbury ambulance station, once the decontamination process was completed, Amesbury ambulance station was still in need of significant refurbishment. This refurbishment work must be completed before Amesbury ambulance station can reopen.

"South Western Ambulance Service is currently reviewing its entire estate, including the condition and refurbishment requirements of each ambulance station.

"The refurbishment work at Amesbury station will be included in this review."

The service said there has been no impact on ambulance response times in Salisbury and Amesbury, as a temporary "standby point" for ambulances has been operating at Amesbury Fire Station while the Solstice Park unit has been out of use.