A LONG-SERVING councillor and former mayor says it has been an “absolute honour” to serve the town.

Councillor Malcolm Connolly has resigned from Fordingbridge Town Council after 14 years. In May 2018, he stepped down from his role as mayor after nine years but continued to serve on the town council.

Mr Connolly said: “It is just the right time for me to go. I didn’t feel I was achieving anything more than I had in the past. There was nothing untoward.”

He said he will “miss the role”, adding: “I have never been a politician. My campaign was unity in the community and anything I did was for the town.

“It is the end of an era.”

Speaking about what he will miss most about the role, he said: “The contact and relationships that have evolved over the years will be sadly missed. The residents and organisations have always been so supportive.”

“The main achievement would be working with Cllr Edward Heron to provide the combined council office in Kings Yard and then watch its undoubted success as an asset to our community,” he said.

“The 14 years I served with the town council have been an absolute honour for me and will be treasured forever, however the time to move on has arrived and pass over the mantle to those more adept and knowledgeable.”

Town council leader and mayor, Paul Anstey, speaking at a meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council on Wednesday, said: “I have been on the council for 10 years and where Malcolm gets his timings from he must collude with Doctor Who - he must use a Tardis to find time. He was always going to be an extremely difficult act to follow because of the amount of time that Malcolm just found to do everything, not just activities but to meet people. I will miss him.

“I really thank him for the support he has given me over the ten years and this year I’ve been chair.