TOMORROW (January 11) is the final day to register to object to the A303 Stonehenge Expressway plans.

Proposals for the A303 include building a 1.8 mile dual carriageway tunnel as it passes the World Heritage Site.

The road, currently a single carriageway, is a notorious bottleneck on the route to the South West. The Stonehenge Alliance has called the plans “highly damaging”, and said “the planned engineering works would scar the Stonehenge landscape for ever.”

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Archaeologist, Professor Mike Parker Pearson, said: “I’m not in favour of the Stonehenge tunnel [plans]. It’s too short, not even 3km long, and is sitting within a world heritage site that is 5km across.

“It is also a site that is full of prehistoric monuments, some of them the same age or older than Stonehenge.

“This is a landscape unique around the world, and should be protected in perpetuity.

“Stonehenge itself will not be affected but the area of monuments of prehistoric activity will be severely compromised.”

After January 11, a panel of planning inspectors will be appointed, known as the Examining Authority.

They will review comments made for and against the plans, and outline their proposals in light of this later in the year.

To register, go to