TRIALS are being held for youngsters wanting to try out for Salisbury Cathedral’s choir.

Up to eight bursaries are available annually, which cover 30 per cent of the fees at Salisbury Cathedral School, with other funds available on application.

Back in October nearly 60 children attended the annual Be A Chorister for A Day event at Salisbury Cathedral in October. It is the first event in the chorister recruitment calendar and offers a taster of life in the Cathedral Choir.

David Halls, the director of music at Salisbury Cathedral, said: “We are very open-minded about who can apply and what skills are necessary. We are not looking for ready-made musicians, just youngsters with the right attitude, who like being team players and who have an aptitude for singing. Being part of a choir is a lot of fun, a bit like being part of the football or hockey squad.

“What the youngsters get out of an opportunity like this is a first-class education, musical and academic, and the chance to take part in broadcasts and belong to a choral family, where lots of support and encouragement is given to help the children realise their potential as singers and individuals.”

The voice trials take place all day on January 19 for boys and February 2 for girls. Applications should be put in as soon as possible.

Trials are open to girls and boys in Years 3 and 4, for places in the choir starting as probationers in September 2019.

Kathy Davies, who looks after chorister recruitment said: “The voice trials are not as terrifying as they sound. They are more of a try-out. First off, we ask candidates to sing a short song - a hymn, carol or similar song of their own choice. We are not really fussed what they sing - someone sang Walking in the Air from The Snowman last year - and then they’ll be asked to do some ear tests, for example. We’re not looking for polished chorister performances, just potential.”

Anyone wishing to apply can download application forms via or contact Kathy Davies on 07979 378926 or