FROM honey and rosemary to port and blue cheese, an Alderbury chocolatier business has a flavour for every taste bud.

Describing himself as an “idiot playing with chocolate”, chef Alexander Seaton created Alexander Chocolate in 2016, currently based in a West Grimstead holiday home, boasting almost nine fully-developed types of chocolate and a range of 97 flavours.

The fascination with making chocolate began “accidentally” when Alexander was housebound recovering from a foot operation, adding: “I made a batch just to see if I could do it, and I found I quite liked doing this.

“I was sat on my sofa bored to tears and I realised that there is actually something in this.

“Even after trying it a few times I thought, ‘this taste is still pretty boring’, and so then I got experimenting with new flavours.”

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It took eight months for the 34-year-old to master a dark chocolate recipe, and a further eight months to perfect how to create milk and white chocolate.

Now the chocolatier is constantly producing chocolate for clients, even adding personalised touches on request, and has almost mastered methods for vegan versions of his treats.

Alexander described his business as “ethical and reliable”, as he tries to reuse, recycle and avoid plastic as much as possible.

He added: “I try to literally reuse everything as much as I can without being too silly, while still making a high-quality product - the ethics behind it are so important to me.You know you can trust our products.”

Talking about Salisbury, Alexander said he fell in love with the city at 15-years-old, adding: “I’ve always just loved the city, it has so much character and soul.

“I went to live in Guildford when I was 18 [years old] for around three years, but I just missed Salisbury so much I needed to come back. I even sold my motorbike to come back.”

For more information about Alexander Chocolate and purchase enquiries email: or visit the Alexander Chocolate website.

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