AMESBURY Women's Rugby Club is inviting women to grab a friend and take on a new challenge - playing rugby during 'Warrior Camps'.

The club are hoping to "offer women a less daunting way of broadening their horizons", and to "encourage women to step out of their comfort zone with a fun introduction to rugby."

During the Warrior Camps, women are encouraged to "unleash their inner strength and determination as they embrace the challenge of trying a new sport."

The event take place on Saturday January 19, from 1pm to 3pm, at the Centenary Pavilion, Archers Way, Amesbury.

A statement from the club said: "Amesbury RFC recognise it can be scary not knowing anyone when you first try an activity, which is why they are encouraging women to bring a friend to the Warrior Camp, and together experience the amazing opportunities rugby has to offer in the new year.

"Rugby offers women the chance to build new friendships with like-minded people through a shared passion for breaking barriers and trying new experiences.

"You’ll build friendships through the strong camaraderie as players rally around each other to support and encourage teammates on the pitch.

"The Warrior Camp consists of paired activities that are used to teach participants the skills and techniques of rugby.

"The activities require players to work together to all learn, have fun and succeed during the Warrior Camp.

Vicky Macqueen, former England Rugby international, said: “Rugby is a very sociable sport. The work you do together on the pitch bonds you on and off the pitch, and personally rugby has given me so many lifelong friends.

“Women should definitely try rugby because it is such an exhilarating feeling knowing that you are there with 14 other teammates that have got your back and you’re all striving for the same goal. Rugby has a place for women of all shapes and sizes too, with different positions for different strengths.

"It really is a great sport for anyone as well as a fantastic, fun way to stay both mentally and physically healthy.”