ROSIE Kay’s 5 Soldiers: The Body is the Frontline is coming to Salisbury ahead of performances in Europe and the United States.

The critically acclaimed 5 Soldiers will be at Salisbury Arts Centre on Thursday, January 31 and Friday, February 1.

Through the one-hour long performance, the cast of five explore the power struggles between their ranks, the passionate and sometimes rowdy bonds between each other, their vulnerabilities and their fragility, ultimately forming a strong unit that can face a firefight and an unseen enemy together.

Choreographer Rosie Kay said: “Working with soldiers over the last ten years has been an incredible and eye-opening experience. Over 8,000 people join the British Army each year yet it’s not a world that many members of the public get to access. Using dance, 5 Soldiers has clearly touched a lot of people with the response from soldiers, veterans and audiences being incredibly positive.

“Although I’ve seen the bonds and deep friendships that army units develop, soldiers can sacrifice so much of themselves to fulfil their job and their duty. Inspired by my own experience of a career-threatening injury, I wanted to tell this story of how soldiers’ bodies remain essential on the frontline, and the show digs down into the foundations of their commitment to each other, inner strength and dedication in coping with war and recovery.

“It’s a story that I hope inspires empathy and a greater understanding of life from a soldier’s perspective.”

Serving soldier, Trooper Alex Smith, of 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, has been cast to dance in 2019s shows.

He said: “I’ve been a soldier in the army for two and a bit years, and saw Rosie Kay Dance Company’s livestream of 5 Soldiers last year. A soldier from another regiment shared the video on Facebook and when one of my old teachers tagged me, it spurred me on to contact Rosie and see if there was an opportunity for me to get involved.

“I was beyond nervous the morning of the audition, I knew it was likely that I’d be the only soldier. But it ended up being such a fun and enjoyable experience, and when Rosie called me to say I’d got the part, I’ve never been so happy in my life.

“When I first joined the army I didn’t tell anyone I was a dancer but now they all know me, I’ve never had more support. We are a strong group of friends and when I told them about the show, they were like ‘fair game, go for it’. There are a lot of stereotypes around who can be a dancer and who dance is for, but I think 5 Soldiers and 10 Soldiers present a strong case that actually anyone can enjoy dance.”

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