A NEW APP has been launched in Salisbury, hoping to re-engage the people of Salisbury with the city's history.

Zac Newham, 27, launched History Hunt last year, around the time of the first Novichok major incident, and said the idea was to get people interested in the older parts of Salisbury's history.

History Hunt is a historically-themed treasure hunt and "outside escape rooms" based in the centre of Salisbury, but with a twist.

Instead of the clues on the hunt being followed, they have to be solved first.

Zac has teamed up with three local businesses - Ox Row Inn, Roly's Fudge Pantry and Cross Key's Café & Restaurant - to offer a prize if participants can complete the Hunt in the form of special one-off deals.

Zac said: "The idea is to completely reinvent the way people explore cities and history in general.

"Rather that telling people about the history of Salisbury like a conventional tour or pointing out things for them to find like conventional treasure trails, the Hunt guides people to unlock secrets and solve clues on their own that help paint a colourful picture of our past, while providing "Escape Room" style problem solving tasks.

"It takes 1-2 hours and is suitable for ages 12 and up and family groups, and for tourists and locals alike.

"The trail focusses on the Medieval history of Salisbury and features a local ghost, 400 year-old graffiti, arsenic poisoning, plotting and intrigue, brothels and a beheading!"

The History Hunt currently sells as a leaflet from the Information Centre, and the new web app

Both cost £5 and it will soon be expanding to other cities, such as Bath and Winchester to begin with.

For more information, go to historyhunt.co.uk.