TAXPAYERS in Salisbury will not see an increase in the amount they pay the city council, after it voted not to increase its precept for this financial year.

At a meeting to decide Salisbury City Council’s next budget on Monday night it was decided that there would be no rise in the amount that Salisbury residents pay towards city services.

As a result, Band D properties will still pay £208 per year to the city council. Band C properties, which make up about a third of the homes in Salisbury, will continue to pay £184.91.

The council’s Finance and Governance Committee said “considerable work” had been undertaken to produce an affordable budget for this year, which had been achieved through “prudent budgeting”.

The decision follows an unpopular 69 per cent increase to the city precept last year, to cover costs previously met by Wiltshire Council, after a number of assets were transferred to Salisbury City Council’s control, leaving them with an £89,000 shortfall in county funding.

This year’s proposed budget received cross-party support, although Labour councillors did raise concerns about continuing to spend £75,000 a year on private security staff to patrol the city centre, and suggested more money needed to be spent on Salisbury’s “suburbs”, and a loss in income from parking in the wake of last year’s nerve agent attack.

An overwhelming majority of councillors voted to support the proposed budget, with no increase to the precept.

However, residents are not yet guaranteed that their overall tax bill will not increase, as there may still be increases from Wiltshire Council, the fire service, or Wiltshire Police - which is currently holding a consultation into a proposed average increase of £24 per year.

Households in surrounding parishes may also see a rise in tax, if their respective parish or town councils decide a precept increase is required.