I SEE in the Salisbury Journal this week yet another letter from yet another cyclist describing yet another incident of being abused by a passing motorist, and would just like to have my say.

I cycle to work every day; I don’t have to, I have a car, I choose to leave it at home and get on my bike. It is not an easy option, there are hills, there is cold, rain, wind and snow, but I do it because it is good for my health, good for my bank account, and good for the environment – less pollution, less traffic congestion, less burning of fossil fuels.

It seems that wherever a cyclist is they are in the wrong place – on the road, drivers abuse them; on the pavement and even the cycle path, pedestrians abuse them. Most cyclists are also pedestrians and drivers and they do know what it’s like on the ‘other side’. Of course it’s not all negative and most drivers and pedestrians are considerate, thoughtful and friendly, but it’s the ones who aren’t that stand out, just as most cyclists are responsible, respectful and law-abiding, but the ones who aren’t attract the attention.

The effort I make every day does not deserve to be rewarded by cycling a gauntlet of abuse every day, and consequently arriving at work or at home distressed and angry.

Next time you think about abusing a cyclist, think before you speak. Think of the impact what you are going to say may have on the cyclist and everyone they come into contact with that day. Think of the favour they are doing you by being on their bike – every cyclist is one less car on the road. Remember the contribution they are making to the environment. Dust the cobwebs off that bike in your shed or garage and give it a go yourself.

And please remember:

For goodness’ sake give us a break

A cycle ride’s a cause for pride

There’s no excuse for bike abuse

Go take a hike and ON YER BIKE!

Jenny Lang