IN answer to Dick Bellringer’s concerns about the new library proposals (Journal Postbag, January 17). I’m also concerned. I would like to point out that Salisbury is not just a city to visit. It is a city in which over 46,000 people live and should therefore have some say in how it looks and what facilities are available. Our library offers multiple services, it is central, near bus stops and is not just a good place for a good book – there are areas where different groups can hold meetings, it also houses the Edwin Young gallery. The facade of the library, the former railway station, is also historic. A lovely looking arcade would look great – but who will use it? Tourists head for the tourist office (and don’t let’s restart that ridiculous idea of moving it) or the cathedral. Certainly the guests from the new hotel planned for Fisherton Street won’t be using it. So what is the point of it? Instead of building a new arcade, getting rid of the car park (very ugly but very useful) and the coach park, why doesn’t the council develop the High Street? It is in desperate need of a face lift with far too many empty shops.The thousands of tourists flocking down there daily must think Salisbury is a sorry sight. And what about Butcher Row? I am sure that Cllr Pauline Church, economic development and Salisbury Recovery, who owns a shop there would be delighted with any improvements. It is a medieval street and this should be promoted.

Merrin Holroyd