WE operate a trio of traditional small retail shops close by the proposed redevelopment of 30-36 Fisherton Street [part of Maltings redevelopment]: viz Speedyprint, Dauwalders and No.44 Homeworks.

Speedyprint is adjacent to the development site, the existing building was constructed in 1982 during which we have been neighbours. Such a development would cause disruption for a considerable time, more so than the previous 1982 development which caused us much inconvenience. Businesses like ourselves would need some reassurances of continuity during this time.

The current shop has seen many incumbents from clothes shops, nightclubs and to (empty) charity shops during this period. Unfortunately the existing layout is too large for small retailers and too small for a larger business. During this period the shop has been empty on various occasions as tenants businesses fail.

The Maltings development was an ill-conceived layout, in particular Priory Square is cut off from the slightly more salubrious main shopping area by the riverside.

In principal we think a hotel with a replacement library would tick two important needs, although there appears some confusion over the guaranteed tenure and suitable size of the library. Therefore the answer is obvious, do away with the proposed restaurant and gymnasium and increase the size of the library. Travelodge is a budget hotel group where food and drink are not a prerequisite for guests. The prospects of outside areas for drinking in Priory Square is a not a good one anyway. Hotel guests have a wide choice of food and drink facilities nearby including Wetherspoons and Bishops Mill (currently closed after Novichok). It is most important that this site is filled sensibly, a hotel would be an ideal long term tenant and the library would only be a short distance from the existing facility.

Fisherton Street is an important multi-cultured shopping area in Salisbury and the proposed scheme in a modified form offers long term stability for this site.

One final point, Malthouse Lane provides access leading to the City Hall and Playhouse, Priory Square is pedestrianised. The current traffic flow is confusing and unsatisfactory as ‘lost’ drivers attempt to join the central car park. The new hotel would potentially aggravate further the existing imperfect traffic flow with driving guests looking to park.

Paul Dauwalder

42 Fisherton Street