THE persistent and on going disruption on the Wilton Road Salisbury by the development of the Old Manor Hospital complex into residential properties has been going on too long. The complete lack of any apparent planning to minimise the disruption to traffic flow on the Wilton Road is causing long delays, particularly during peak travel periods.

The developers do not appear to have a coherent plan regarding preventing traffic disruption and the work is undertaken bit by bit in a random and unconcerned manner. Given the profits that they will get by this development, why can't they get the contractors to carry out the bit work that requires putting traffic lights in, at night during quiet hours? It would also make sense to complete the work requiring these controls to be done in one sequence instead of the sporadic and random bursts resulting in long queues and delay.

This has been going on far too long resulting in half-mile tailbacks over the last four weeks. It is hoped that the Highways Department will take some measures to ensure normal conditions are restored quickly and at the same time make the contractors concerned aware of the public frustration of those who regularly use that main access to Salisbury from the west.

Nigel Haynes

Lower Bemerton