HISTORIAN and broadcaster Dan Snow is currently travelling around the country with his new tour ‘An Evening with the History Guy’, which comes to the City Hall, Salisbury in March.

As well as recently releasing a book, having a successful history podcast and an online history documentary streaming service (History Hit TV) to keep him busy, Dan says the tour is a lot of fun: “Basically, I come to an area, and I tell people about some of the experiences I’ve had making history programmes, and I’ve been doing it for a while now, so I’ve had some interesting times.

“From crawling around under the tunnels of the Step Pyramid in Saqqara in Egypt, which is the oldest man-made monument building in human history, to the Syrian Civil War, and a lot of interesting places in between, I’ve covered a lot of ground.

“From following the footsteps of Captain Cook around New Zealand, to visiting the Viking churches of Greenland, I want to share some of these stories with people, and sort of talk about the insights I’ve gained from all of this.

“I’ll also talk a little bit about the history of the places I’m visiting, which with Salisbury will be the easiest job in the world.

Dan lives not too far away, and was most recently in Salisbury for a signing of his new book, On This Day in History.

He added: “I live in the New Forest so I’ve been to Salisbury a few times recently.

“I’ve recently been to look at the Magna Carta with my kids, I did a book signing before Christmas, so I’m in Salisbury a fair bit and I mean where do I even start, its one of the most historic settlements in the UK.

“It’s going to be difficult to work exactly what I want to talk about for Salisbury because there is just so much.

“So that’s the show really, and we’ll have a big old discussion with a question and answer session at the end.”

Dan continues to be busy outside of the tour: “We’ve got the Chalke Valley History Festival coming up in the summer so I’ll be doing my bit there, we’ve got D-Day celebrations this summer as well which is always a big event, as well as pushing ahead with some broadcasting, interviews for the podcast, as well as my own digital stuff.

“The website [History Hit TV] is great because that’s mine, I own it and we’ve got more and more projects coming all the time.”

Dan Snow: An Evening with ‘The History Guy’, comes to City Hall, Salisbury, on Tuesday, March 19.

For tickets go to cityhallsalisbury.co.uk or call01722 434434.

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