A "MANIPULATIVE and deceitful" paedophile who has been jailed for life gave "no thought to the affects of his vile actions", say NSPCC.

Peter Daniels, Wiltshire's most prolific paedophile, received six life sentences today for more than 100 vile crimes against children as young as two.

Peter Daniels, aged 70, glared and shrugged from the dock of Salisbury Crown Court as he received the life-long jail term.

The child protection charity has also praised the "immense courage" of his victims in coming forward.

A spokesman for the NSPCC in the South West said: “Daniels demonstrated manipulative and deceitful behaviour to exploit a harrowing number of children over an extended period of time.

“He gave no thought to the affects his vile actions would have on his victims, both in the short and long term, and it is right he is held to account for each and every child he abused.

“Those preyed on by Daniels have demonstrated immense courage to come forward and it is crucial they receive the required help and support.”

Letting the Future In is a service provided by the NSPCC in Wiltshire, and aims to rebuild the lives of children who have been victims of sexual abuse.

The NSPCC’s helpline for adults who require support is available 24 /7 and for free on 0808 800 5000.

Help for children and young people is available through ChildLine on 0800 1111.