GRANTS have been awarded to support a community kitchen, free music event, tree planting project and St Thomas’s Church.

Salisbury Area Board agreed the funding during a meeting at City Hall on January 24.

Salisbury Live, an event which brings free music to venues across the city, was awarded £1,300 from the community youth grants.

This will go towards a youth festival workshop and performance. This year’s Salisbury Live is due to take place in May 5-June 1.

A further £240 was allocated to Harnham Schools’ Association for the Harnham Slope Fun Run fun run to raise funds for sports equipment and stage lighting.

A Community area grant of £5,000 was given to the Pantry Partnership to go towards refurbishing Victoria Bowls Club for a community kitchen.

A representative from the Pantry Partnership said: “We have got big ambitions for the building.”

Salisbury Wildlife Group was also awarded £1,000 for a tree planting project near Five Rivers leisure centre and St Thomas’s Church was given £5,000 for modern benches and chairs.