DESCRIBED as "a play within a play within a play", a Shakespeare tale with a twist came to Middle Woodford village hall last month.

A Midwinter Night’s Dream was the latest performance by the Woodford Valley Players, taking on the English playwright's classic tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The town hall was transformed into a silver wonderland for the occasion, and the performance sold out almost every night across the January weekend.

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Vanessa Hawkings, who rewrote the Shakespeare play for the drama group, said: "I was delighted how well A Midwinter Night’s Dream was received by all ages.

"All five performances were sold out well in advance drawing supporters from as far away as Berkshire.

"I adapted A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a winter version [and] it is a play within a play within a play. With the help of a lion, donkey and some very cheeky fairies, audiences came away delighted."

The Woodford Valley Players will return with a brand new show in January 2020.