I REFER to Councillor Church's letter (Journal Postbag, February 14) recognising and regretting that Wiltshire Council did not sufficiently set the scene regarding "the choreography of the library moves".

As of today, the council's website still contains a statement – posted the day after this application was lodged – which does NOT indicate that it is for a temporary library. We still have to take on trust what is emerging in a piecemeal and ad hoc fashion about what is intended for library/cultural services – and the Maltings redevelopment more broadly.

Until Wiltshire Council DOES commence public engagement and consultation it will continue to struggle in getting people on side – including those who long for progress.

Waiting for a fully polished masterplan may only lead to the suspicion that alternative perspectives are unacceptable or that the pressure to act will become overwhelming.

I invite the council to start using its website now as an integral part of communications.

The planning application for a Travelodge etc is not for a temporary library. Nor does the application say what the space will be used for when it is not a library. Even if the relevant planning committee finds that acceptable – when it determines the application – then it is very clear that many people do not.

I objected to the planning application and have read all the objections and submissions. I commend them to Councillor McClelland. Personally, I think that they will give encouragement to inward investors that there are many constructive and useful comments for Wiltshire Council to take on board.

The city council has a legitimate role to play in planning matters. It should be supported by its councillors in that role. If it is not then we are worse off than much smaller communities with active parish councils.

If neither councillor is aware that serious reservations (about the "quality" of the proposed building and the failure to communicate just what the developer and Wiltshire Council are doing or hope to do) are also held by Conservative voters then I am amazed.

This is not about giving Trowbridge a black eye but about respecting the need for good quality planning and processes around that planning. Wiltshire Council is our council and we need it to succeed as such.

I sincerely hope that we will see more accountability and transparency in future.

Also perhaps a willingness to consider the possibility that the masterplan might actually be improved if there were?