DO you remember how the 'leavers' were forever telling you, that the UK is safe as a car manufacturer and no firm would consider leaving the UK – that their owners are investing heavily in Britain?

Britain is now up for sale to the lowest bidder.

Wealthy individuals are leaving. Firms are going, or in part relocating.

Labour and Conservatives are falling apart.

On the other hand in regards to the Honda site at Swindon. I just wonder if MG (UK) could move in there and start making cars again, backed by the Chinese partnership and then export across the EU.

Did you know British designers have made a new version of the Lambretta series three bikes, called Royal Alloy? At the moment, as with MG, the factory is in China. But wouldn't it be good, if those bikes could be made here and exported?

In the meantime Jim Ratcliffe and James Dyson go abroad.

Come on readers, demand a General Election and a People's Vote before each and everyone is stony broke. Stay within the EU and rebuild Britain industries who provide employment, pay taxes and soon.

Richard Grant