I'M pleased to see that at long last some efforts are being made to get justice for Dawn Sturgess.

At the time of her death I was struck by the way in which the death of a British citizen was treated as a mere footnote to the attempted murders of two foreigners and I found it offensive that the stress laid on her drug and alcohol problems seemed designed to underline the triviality of her death.

I had a lengthy correspondence with Salisbury's MP John Glen in which I asked him to raise in Parliament the ease with which agents of the Russian government could kill a British subject on British soil and then leisurely leave the country without Britain making a more robust response than kicking out a couple of diplomats.

He initially said he was unable to help as I was not his constituent (although the late Ms Sturgess undoubtedly was!) and that, furthermore, as a government minister he was precluded from such action.

When I pointed that there are valid Parliamentary procedures for getting round this he then stated that, as Ms Sturgess' family had not approached him to help with a memorial(!) it would not be appropriate for him to get involved.

If the murder of one of his innocent constituents by Russian agents does not call for his involvement, then what does?

Sadly, later in the year, while attending an international conference in Argentina, our Prime Minister saw fit to lecture a Saudi Prince about his involvement in the murder of a foreign national on foreign soil, while neglecting to tackle Vladimir Putin, who was also there, about the death of a British citizen.

I hope the renewed focus on the death of Dawn Sturgess will get her and her family the justice they deserve.

Otherwise, it will look as if our government just wishes the whole matter would go away.


Blairgowrie, Perthshire