I AM writing on behalf of one of the two large book groups which meet in Salisbury Library, a venue for many groups attended by members from the ages of 5 to 95. The proposed relocation and shrinkage of space seems unlikely to ensure the survival of all of them.

The public outcry generated by the proposed changes has met with a lofty dismissal from our local MP, based it would seem entirely on the views of Wiltshire Council. Far from depriving us of prized amenities, we are assured, the changes will actually improve them. (One particularly questionable claim is that, on the evidence of unnamed surveys, Salisbury library is considered on of the least attractive in the county! How curious that people from neighbouring counties frequently compare it favourably with their local libraries)

We are urged to be grateful for the creation of a new 'cultural quarter' planned round shops – which have a poor survival record not only locally but throughout the country. We have only the vaguest notion of what the new library will be like (only that it will be smaller than the present one) or when work will start. Given the shaky history of public building projects, we are unable to tell when and if the library will be able to quit its 'temporary' premises or if indeed there will be any library at all once the project is finished.

Moira Henderson