Question for Salisbury City Council?

Today (February 25), I went to the 'new' facility at the leisure centre for 'CAB' - there were staff (volunteers) on duty, but when I came before they didn't even have any staff.

I was told to wait at a table with my number on a sheet of paper, and didn't have to wait long, but was surprised by the fact that there were no rooms available, as I wanted to talk in private and wasn't happy to sit in the area used by people using the pool, etc.

The woman didn't seem perturbed by this fact, and didn't seem to be aware of the College Street facility, and the fact that there were rooms where we could talk in private. We found the quietest table away from people, but it wasn't long before people came over to our end, and we had to whisper. While I was waiting for my advisor, who went to get some info, I overheard a very sensitive conversation about a vulnerable man's health and money problems and his address was given out over the phone - this is not appropriate.

Why, are there no rooms for the public? If, you cannot provide rooms, then a CAB should not be at the leisure centre. Why, did it have to move from College Street? I do not understand why you have matched the leisure centre with CAB?

Anna Milne