TRUTH is stranger than fiction. The second plan for a new cathedral traffic kiosk has been rejected. The first, I believe it was a 'gothic', pointy creation in plastic limestone, deserved rejection. However the fate of the second plan is unbelievable.

Originally conceived as an installation for a German Cathedral, entitled a 'First Century Maternity Unit', it was but one of many astonishing installations created by gifted Freidrich R Aud, who is celebrated in many EU cathedrals. His installations are always, 'living, breathing, innovative and educational'.

Spurned in Germany, the work was offered to Salisbury. Sadly, our people, possibly bowing to the local whingers (who are probably Brexiteers as well), felt the FCMU, though unsuitable for the Trinity Chapel, might yet do as our next traffic kiosk.

It remains a mystery as to why the planning inspector rejected the new plan on the grounds the kiosk was not large enough. F R Aud's installation was designed to accommodate a young couple, with baby, and possibly some camels.

Tom Ridout