I, LIKE many Harnham residents went to see the presentation by Bovis reference the 640 homes the council is attempting to bulldoze through.

The huge posters were colourful and impressive, although I noticed a spelling mistake. Bovis must have spent a fair bit of money on it.

The main problem is that it doesn't answer the obvious question, how are the two roads out of the village, one to the west and one to the east going to cope with the extra traffic. I read in the original paperwork at Bourne Hill that one councillor stated there would be very little impact. I can only assume he sits in Trowbridge and was no idea. I spoke to the representatives from Bovis, the transport guy was bombarded with questions. I asked where he came from and he said "Bristol" good to keep it local. He quoted statistics from the last census. I pointed out that information was out of date by nine years!

640 houses will mean approximately a 1,000 new cars, the school with teachers, TAs, admin staff, etc will increase this and where will the people do their shopping each week? Southampton Road of course adding to the pressure and traffic jams.

I haven't heard from our MP or our councillors on their views but I do know that we need people like the committee that successfully stopped the stupidity of trying to build houses on Britford Road to help us stop this.

To those who accuse me of being a Nimby, I would happily see the estate built once we have the southern bypass to help with the infrastructure.

One last word, they said they wouldn't build on the Bookers site and have done a U-turn on that. It is a brown site and I agree it would be a good idea. A first for our WCC!

Steve Baldock