DOG owners in Salisbury could be fined £75 if they do not pick up their pets' waste in city parks.

Environmental enforcement officers patrolling the city centre have already issued two fixed penalty notices for dog fouling offences in Victoria Park.

It comes after a concentrated effort from Salisbury City Council to make Salisbury a cleaner city.

Previous steps included imposing fines for littering and graffiti.

Service committee chairman Sven Hocking said: “We encourage everyone to pick up after their dog and use the litter bins provided and while the vast majority of dog owners act very responsibly we urge the small minority to also do their bit, it takes very little time or effort, helps keep our city clean and will save you a £75 fine when you are caught”.

All funds raised via fixed penalty notices are invested by Salisbury City Council to improve the litter, dog control, graffiti and fly-posting enforcement scheme.