THIS year is an important anniversary in the history of emancipation of women; 90 years after gaining equality to men and being given the vote in Britain.

Members of Salisbury Townswomen’s Guild decided to come together to celebrate International Women’s Day and TG’s 90th birthday at the Guildhall, Salisbury.

Members were Angela Lever, Ann Salter, Carole Harper, Chris Walley, Doreen Bryant, Joyce Legg, Margaret Parks, Pam Stogden and Pam White.

Townswomen’s Guild was started then to educate women to fulfil the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. Romsey Guild was one of the first Guilds to be formed in 1929. Salisbury Bemerton Evening Guild was formed in 1951 and joined 2 other Guilds in Salisbury – Sarum and Central (which have since closed).

An exhibition of TG is being held in Romsey Museum from April 1 until June 30 with a talk on Wednesday, April 3 at 10.30am on the History of TG called ‘After the Vote’, by Margaret Parks. A manned arts and crafts exhibition will be held at the museum from June 3 to 8.