Whinger. Brexiteer. What next?

Postbag;s entertaining letters reduced to name calling?

Let's put the feeble ladders in the cathedral to rest.

So many words, so much publicity from all and sundry and really, at the end of the matter, for precisely what.

I am frequently in the cathedral and have seen a lot of the ladders since I first questioned their appearance.

They are feeble.

In most lights the rungs look pink and wan.

It is the story of The Emperor's New Clothes told again.

Lots of persuasive words and high flown propaganda for what is nakedly scrawny.

Put the whole flop in the crypt, at least the lights would look dramatic and with all the water down there anything could happen.

Tom Ridout


PS. The controversy over the cathedral Traffic Kiosk has taken a new turn.

Herr F R Aud's installation was rejected by the planners.

Just as well in view of the rumours coming out of the EU.

His installation for Ulm Cathedral, 'Spiralling' ('Ein Brexitbahn' in low German), has been a fiasco.

The drone that was to spiral their lofty spire spraying whitewash crashed.

A dreadful mess and numbers of pigeons who suddenly look like doves remain.