Thursday, February 21 - this newspaper's front page headlines reported "Shoppers fined after gridlock in car park".

I now quote further from the headlines: "Issues with traffic lights further up the A36, at the junction for Bourne Way and Petersfinger Road caused cars to back-up all the way to the Tesco site"

McDonald's Drive-Thru, a few yards from these traffic lights, is now well underway for opening and the site is now marked out for service.

Depending on whether leaving or entering the city centre one would turn left or right off the A36 at the above mentioned traffic lights and the entrance for both McDonald's and the Premier Inn is a few hundred yards on the left.

Immediately after turning into these establishments is the McDonald's Drive-Thru entrance on the left with the ordering stations around 200 yards in.

On the opposite side of the road, a few hundred yards away is the entrance and exit for the Petersfinger Park and Ride.

Oh. McDonald's is not just a Drive Thru.

There is also a seated area upstairs where one can sit and enjoy watching the traffic chaos unfolding.

Jacqueline Exley