Brexit; I can no longer resist the urge, having noted the Journal opinion writers recent referrals, to make comment regarding this subject.

That urge was reinforced by hearing of Salisbury for Europe's (S4E) campaign for a People's Vote.

They claim people have changed their minds regarding leaving the EU and that a People's Vote (do they mean another referendum?) should be held because it was OK for people to have changed their opinion.

Actually, it seems to me that they are campaigning FOR people to change their minds - that cannot be right.

Working on the mind changing assumption, should a 2nd vote by the populace give a different answer to the first then the matter must be left open for another 3 years - everyone might change their minds once more.

Two things have occurred to me - firstly if David Cameron had immediately delivered the required paperwork regarding Article 50, as the people had asked and secondly if our elected representatives had backed, fully, the UK negotiators, as they should have done then it would have all been done and dusted by last July.

Not with a good deal for us but with a fair deal for all and the UK would once more have control of its borders, its fishing and our law making.

Yes, I did vote leave.

I am not xenophobic and, no consolation to S4E (or other similar groups) find that more people want us to leave in order to cease the uncertainty that is blighting this country's prospects.

As a parting footnote perhaps S4E might like to ponder how much money would have been wasted, with all the shillying and shallying, should their unasked for campaign have any impact.

Brian Ford

Bemerton Heath