I was disappointed to read your article on animal accidents on New Forest roads (Forest Journal, March 7).

Although, I am not surprised.

I regularly drive through the forest, to support businesses within it.

In doing so, whilst travelling at the 40mph limit, I am constantly caught up and tailgated.

These reckless drivers are not visitors, but locals, who should know better.

The worst location, in my experience, is Burley village.

There, in the 30mph limit, the obstacles you meet are several, animals, cyclists, speed reduction areas and the many blind bends you meet.

It comes as no surprise to me, that again reckless drivers are frequent.

Many of these have personalised number plates or driving land rovers.

No need to guess where they live.

If the government were to flood our roads with speed cameras and target these criminals, they would be able to pay off the national debt in twelve months.

Norman Marrison