SCHOOL children are painting their noses red today to help stop the use of single-use plastic.

To celebrate Red Nose Day, pupils at Wyndham Park Infants and St Mark's CoE Junior School will not be wearing the traditional plastic red noses, but instead have a painted red nose to support Comic Relief and look after the planet.

Volunteers have been on site since 8.30am to turn the noses of pupils red in return for a small donation, and so far around £100 has been raised.

Mother-of-two and member of Wyndham Park Infants’ School Association (WPSA), Gemma Abbott, said she was "impressed" with the response and how "eco-conscious" the children are at both schools, adding: "It's a way of raising money with not so much waste."

The association was inspired by other schools across the region, who campaigned for alternate eco-friendly ways to raise money for the charity.

"Everyone jumped on the idea, the children are so aware and have taken an interest and understand the impacts of their actions. It was a no-brainer [to paint noses]" Gemma added.

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