TWO swans, who were both lovers and parents, were found dead in Salisbury this weekend.

Warning: Graphic picture below

On Sunday the two swans were found in the hatch pool along the Town Path, with marks looking like shot wounds to the neck.

Both swans, one male and one female, were fished out of the water by Marilyn Korkis of Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital and chairman of the Watermeadows Trust, Graham Jagger.

Ms Korkis said the incident has become a “wildlife crime” and described the killing of two swans as “out of the ordinary”, adding: “I can confirm two swans were shot, there are clearly wounds to the head and neck area in each one.

“We wouldn’t usually deal with deceased animals but when we found out it was a pair of swans it just didn’t sit right with us, so we went to investigate.”

Jan Fitzjohn, chairman of management for the Watermeadows Trust, said: “Loads of people are so upset, they were such beautiful swans.

“We do not know what shot them, but whatever it was it looked intentional as it was such an accurate shot, both in the neck.”

Ms Korkis added: “It is so cruel, I don’t understand how anyone can stoop so low.”

Salisbury Journal:

The two swans had been living as a pair in the Harnham area since 2017 and had four cygnets together.

And according to the Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital the pair would have been getting ready to breed again this year.

The incident was reported to Wiltshire Police who initially said it was not a police matter, and consequently the case was forwarded to Wiltshire Council.

The incident has now been logged with police and a statement from the service said: “We are aware of an incident in the area of Queen Elizabeth Gardens in which two swans were found dead.

“Our rural crime team are looking into it and ask anyone with information to contact PC Emily Thomas on 101 quoting log 117 of 17/3.”