A SECRET postcard sale has raised around £3,000 for a Salisbury primary school.

Around 100 people attended the event at Salisbury Museum on Saturday, where a range of illustrated postcards from artists and figures around the world were being sold.

The sale was in aid of Pembroke Park Primary School, which was re-brokered when funding was scrapped under the Education Fellowship Trust in 2017, and suffered an increased deficit after the site doubled in size last year.

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Visitors were invited to purchase original postcards that were laid out and labelled with a number only, and once bought it could be revealed who designed and donated the item.

From 5pm an auction took place offering original paintings, prints, signed books and more.

Postcard contributors included Julian Opie, Jesse Darling, Sir Tony Robinson, Benjamin Zephaniah, Russell Howard, Jeremy Deller and AFC Bournemouth first team members.

Additionally children from the primary school had the opportunity to display and sell their work by taking part in a competition in the lead up to the event.

Organiser and treasurer for Friends of Pembroke Park (PTFA), Stacey Kierly, said everyone at the school was “really happy” with the amount raised and described the event as a “great success”, adding: “The majority of the postcards were sold and the auction raised around £1,000 alone.

"We wanted to put on a bigger event to get the outside community involved, and after writing to artists and public figures, loads of people came together which is amazing.

"We want to spend the money on what our budget can’t, including cookers so the children can have baking classes, and restocking the art rooms.”

The school is now a part of Salisbury Plain Academies.