SHOCKING dashcam footage shows the moment a man on crutches is nearly knocked down by a bus while crossing the road in Salisbury.

A city taxi driver captured the incident, which happened just before 6pm yesterday (Wednesday) and has shared it with the Journal.

In it, a Salisbury Reds bus appears to continue driving towards the junction between Endless Street and Salt Lane, despite the fact a man on crutches is halfway across the road.

The bus then carries on turning left towards Castle Street, passing very close to the man who almost loses his balance.

The taxi driver who captured the footage, which has now been shared on social media more than 17,000 times, said: "I had two passengers on board my taxi who were equally shocked as to what we witnessed.

"The gentleman could have easily fallen under the wheels of the bus."

He said the bus company contacted him they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

Salisbury Reds operations manager Richard Gagg said: "I have viewed the footage, and it appears to show one of our drivers behaving in a manner well below the standard we expect.

"In view of this, we are carrying out an immediate investigation into the matter."