AROUND 200 people from in and around Salisbury will be taking part in the People’s Vote March in London today.

Salisbury for Europe members and Salisbury residents climbed aboard three coaches this morning to join the national protest in the capital city, calling for a People’s Vote before further Government decisions on Brexit.

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Helen Holdsworth, chairman for Salisbury for Europe, described the Salisbury and Tisbury turn out as “absolutely enormous” as places on the Salisbury coaches filled fast and people had to organise their own train travel to London, adding: “The march in October had around 700,000 people and this one will have significantly more.

“I have been inundated with responses of people going, I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

The march will begin at 12pm in Hyde Park and end in Parliament Square.

As the petition to revoke Article 50 hit more than three million signatures yesterday, Helen said she was “overwhelmed” and the increase in signatures is “unbelievable”.

“All [Brexit] has done is completely divide people, people want different things – some want hard Brexit, some want soft Brexit,” she added.

“We need another referendum, not to override but to confirm, and then if the country still wants to leave that will happen.

“There is so much uncertainty around the future, people have the right to make another decision.”